Volunteer Guide

How to create lobbies and register them with our Discord bot:

1. Create a new tournament

2. Select the settings below. Include the lobby hour in tournament name.

3. Create an open invite:

4. Copy the invite code:

5. Post a message on Discord, in the #lobby-links channel. The message must include the following:

a. A "@here" mention.
b. Tournament time in this format: "HH:MM UTC"
c. Invite link you copied earlier, wrapped like so to avoid image preview "<invite_link>"
d. tournament ATC code (copied from here)
Example: @here ABL ladder, starting in ~50mins, 05:00 UTC, link: <https://www.playartifact.com/tournament/?invitekey=698098803567928878> , ATC: ATC_74878_1873359612

6. Once the tournament start time arrives, start the draft phase, notify players in group chat that they have 15minutes to draft and 5 minutes to start the match afterwards.

7. If players don't register their decks within 15 minutes, kick them from the tournament by right clicking their name on the main tournament page, and selecting(surprising, I know..) "Kick Player".

8. If there is a player AFK over 5 minutes and not starting his match, grant his opponent a match win, by right clicking on that match in the bracket.

9. Once the tournament completes, post it on the #results-atc channel on Discord.